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Tradition and art of Herzegovinian winegrowing

As a generator of growth and development of the wine industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we create added value for consumers, employees, industry partners, the local and wider community.

Our commitment to promoting the geographical region of rich history is woven deep into HEPOK corporate identity where we presented inexhaustible sources of joy of life through the symbolism of the Old Bridge and clusters of autochthonous wines of Žilavka and Blatina.

Many years of experience, fertile vineyards, and favorable climatic conditions combined with modern technology assure that HEPOK today produces high-quality white and red wines, table wines, spirits, and premium brandies and liqueurs.

The new age of the Hepok winery begins in 2016, when the investment fund ZERAA from Sarajevo made an acquisition.

Soon followed a significant investment in new vineyards and modernization of production facilities, creating a strong foundation for the development of a modern winery for the 21st century.



We modernized the existing vineyards and raise new grape vine seedlings. The wine and strong alcoholic beverages production has been modernized. We launched new brands od wines, spirits, brandies and liqueurs.


300 hectares.
1.000.000 grape vine seedlings.

Our vineyards are only 35 kilometers away from the Adriatic Sea, at 45 to 280 meters above sea level. Vineyards are strongly influenced by the Mediterranean climate. Željuša (260 hectares) is surrounded by the mountains of Prenj and Velež, and located near Neretva river. Kosor (40 hectares) is located south of Mostar by the Buna river. Both vineyards are equipped with irrigation systems and state-of-the-art mechanization, which, combined with the experience of our agronomists, guarantees the highest quality of raw materials.

Our wines are born in the constant struggle of the sun, stone, vines, and man. This makes them special.


5.500.000 liters of storage space

→ Contemporary controlled fermentation systems.
→ Modern equipment for primary grape processing.
→ Cellars equipped with barrique barrels for aging.
→ Bottling equipment for high degree of wine protection.


330.000 liters annual production capacity

Designed for production of grapes and fruits based distillate.


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