Raspberry Liquor

Raspberry Liquor


Taste & Color:

Liquor has dark red\dark purple color and specific raspberry aroma. It is slightly sweet with syrupy structure.

After wine distillate is produced it is reduced to 20% alcohol and then raspberry macerate and invert sugar are added. Raspberry macerate is produced in our distillery from fresh raspberries. After macerate and invert sugar are added liquor is filtered and bottled.

0,7 L
H: 23 cm
Wd: 9 cm
L: 9 cm
H: 23,5 cm
Wd: 19 cm
L: 19 cm
Kom. u ICS: 4
ICS na paleti: 384
H: 115 cm
Wt: 648 kg
Bruto: 1502 kg
Neto: 0,615 kg
No expiration date