Loza Grappa

Loza Grappa


Taste & Color:

Color free, crystal clear alcohol beverage with fruity aroma. Grappa Loza is produced by distilling fermented juice from unique wine grape varieties grown in our wine yards. After distillation alcohol is reduced to 40% vol with demineralized water. For the purpose of better and faster maturing grappa went through cold stabilization process.

0,7 L
H: 23 cm
Wd: 9 cm
L: 9 cm
H: 23,5 cm
Wd: 19 cm
L: 19 cm
Kom. u ICS: 4
ICS na paleti: 384
H: 115 cm
Wt: 586 kg
Bruto: 1431 kg
Neto: 0,544 kg
No expiration date