Production of juices

Fruit juices, nectars and non-alcoholic beverages Sole Mio are produced in the factory of fruit juices, under the watchful control of the factory laboratories in packaging: brick of 0.5, 1 and 1.5 L, 1.5 PET of 1 L and twist off packaging of 0.2 L.The factory of juices produces a total of 51 product of all categories, divided into several product groups and 10 different flavours of bright, blurry and mushy fruit juices and nectars Sole Mio.

Fruit juice (100% fruit) is the natural fruit juice, contains no sugar, artificial flavours or preservatives. It can be rightfully said for this category of juices that they are just pressed and preserved fruit without preservatives. Fruit nectar is the product obtained by processing fruit, without preservatives or artificial flavors, with added sugar, citric acid and water, with a minimum water content of 51% fruit.

Production of fruit juices and nectars is performed by concerted technological process:
Selection of raw material- undamaged fruit is taken in full technological maturity.
Reception of raw material-quality control is performed
Washing - washing of fruit with clean water is obligatory. Inspection, control and selection - damaged fruits and other left dirt are separated on inspection stripes.
Grinding - the disintegration of fruit
Blanching - means the treatment of ground fruit at high temperatures.
Mashing and pasteurization - mash is mashed to the appropriate granularity, homogenized and pasteurized
Nowadays, the production of Sole Mio fruit juices and nectars is the largest part of the Hepok production. At a time when there is no fresh fruit juice, fruit concentrates and fruit mash are used from own production.