Distribution in Bosnia and Hercegovina is performed by the companies Amko Commerce Ltd Sarajevo and Vino Župa Ltd East Sarajevo, from their distribution warehouses, located in Sarajevo and Tuzla, Banja Luka and East Sarajevo, besides their own automobile fleet, distributors realize very quick and expedite distribution to all commercial companies in the entire Bosnia and Hercegovina. When it comes to exporting of Hepok Mostar products, it is important to mention that the first shipment of final products has been exported to Australia.

Authorized importers and distributors:
For Serbia: „Vino Župa“ AD, Kruševačka 36, Aleksandrovac.
For Montenegro: „ALBONA“ d.o.o. Podgorica,ul.8. Marta br.55,
For Kosovo: „Bestin group“SH.P.K Rr “H.Abdullahu 1/a 10000 Pristinë
Hepok - Mostar d.d.
Bišće polje bb
88 000 Mostar
tel: 00 387 /036/281-125
fax: 00 387 /036/281-126
Amko komerc – distributor for Bosnia and Hercegovina
Wholesale salon in Sarajevo
Kolodvorska 12
71 000 Sarajevo
Tel./fax: +387 33 614 677, 660 592
Bilalović Edin - Commercial director
061/378 911
Hurko Emir- Sales Manager 062/215 526
Contact for international market.
Salon in Živinice
Dubravska 106
Tel./fax: 035-744-311
VINO ŽUPA Sarajevo” d.o.o. – distributor for Bosnia and Hercegovina
71123 Lukavica, Eastern Sarajevo, Vuka Karadžića bb, Bosnia and Hercegovina, RS
Tel. 00 387/057/321-301
Fax. 00 387/057/321-300
VINO ŽUPA Banja Luka” d.o.o. – distributor for Bosnia and Hercegovina
78000 Banja Luka, Pilanska bb, Bosnia and Hercegovina, RS
Tel. 00 387/051/378-440