Marmelade and jams

Marmalade and jam, with the exception of mixed marmelade are mainly produced by one type of fruit such as: peach, apricot, plum, rose hip and cherry. Only the mixed marmalade is blend of precious fruits, which are added in different proportions to achieve good taste and appropriate color. We have blackberry jam and strawberry jam in our assortment. In our practice, 90% of jams and marmalades are produced from fruit pulp obtained from the processed fruits during the season, allowing continuous production throughout the year.
The production process of marmalade and jams includes two processes: the production of strained pulp and preserving strained pulp with the addition of sugar, pectin and acid. After reaching dry matter in the finished product (over 67%) the hot product is filled into glass packaging of volume of 0.85 kg and 0.435 kg. Hepok currently produces five different flavours of marmelda and two flavours of jams, a packing of 435g and 850g in glass packaging.