Blatina the wine of love, loyalty and waiting. High quality of Blatina is known for centuries, it is an extremely rare sort, unlike other sorts which are bisexual, it has only a female flower and requires a special care, because of the specific flower, it has barren years, but when the year is fertile, its heavy clusters bent to the ground.
Black as the dark crystal, the colour of semi-precious stone, with the ambition to flash in a dark purple glow on the surface, is probably responsible that they call red wines black ones in these areas. Blatina is a dry wine with strong and mature tannin structure, well balanced and full flavour with traces of berries and very distinctive flavuor. It is served at the temperature of 18 ° C.

Žilavka is autochthonous Herzegovian sort from which the wine of laughter and song is produced, without a thought or hidden agenda. The assumption is that the name symbolizes its fine veins, which can be seen in the full maturity of grapes. Medium late sort that ripens by the end of September.

Žilavka, is a unique and captivating dry wine of high quality, specially selected and cultivated in the basement. It is characterized by fullness of crystal golden green colour, elegant fruitiness and long lasting flavor, uniqueness, specific scent, and specific power of southern wines. It is served at a temperature between 10 to 12 ° C.